Our History - From 1907 to today

Our History

From 1907 to today

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The past Saint-Lunaire Tennis Club

Birth of the Club

It was in 1907 that the construction of 12 tennis courts was completed. From 1911 and 1914, the Tennis Club of Saint-Lunaire was booming and the Lawn-Tennis code of the USFSA (Union of French Athletic Sports Societies) lists 200 players there. The First International Tournament was organized in 1912 with over 300 entries. The First World War ended, the joy of living can regain the upper hand and the 1920s herald a new era. Tennis is known for its heroes and heroines as popular as the pioneers of aviation: the Musketeers (Jean Borotra, Jacques Brugnon, Henri Cochet, René Lacoste), Suzanne Lenglen.

General Ary Le Dantec

From the thirties to the post-war period

Saint Lunaire then saw Coco Gentien (6th French player in 1929), René Lacoste, Suzanne Mortier, Robert Bouy (tennis figure of the 30).

But the summer of 1939 again marked the end of an era. France, tested by the bereavements and the long years of occupation, needs convalescence. From 1946, the Mayor of Saint-Lunaire, General Ary Le Dantec devoted all his energy to restoring to his commune its dual aspect of a peaceful rural town and a family resort. Having become the owner of the grounds in 1939, the Municipality decided to rethink the layout of the tennis courts. 7 more widely spaced clay courts, instead of 12, are built, with a larger space for Center Court. The complex, complete with bleachers and a small raised terrace, was created between 1946 and 1948, as well as a training wall for young players.

Our clay courts

The sixties

The Club House is fitted out: changing rooms on the ground floor, reception room on the 1st floor with a breathtaking view of the site and the sea. It will benefit in the 60s from some changes whose vestiges still remain today. 1 covered room with its 2 terbal courts completes the set and thus allows you to play whatever the weather in winter.

More than a hundred years have passed since the construction of the Tennis Club and our clay courts remain among the last on the Emerald Coast. They have earned a deserved reputation. The appearance and flexibility specific to clay provide unparalleled playing comfort, attracting many players every year.

Bruno de la Chesnais, on the left, and Benoit Dargnies

Values that endure

Encounters have happened and still do without encounters at the foot of the Church which has been watching over this flowery and ocher quadrangle since the Belle Époque.

Every year, various tournaments take place, certified or friendly, from the excellent player to the beginner. Combining competitive practice with more convivial singles or doubles with friends is the leitmotif of the Saint-Lunaire Tennis Club.

The years pass and the Presidents succeed with the constant concern to preserve the sustainability of the club for future generations. Custodians for a time of the memory of the place, they have at heart to transmit the family, sporting, convivial values which still contribute today to the reputation of our Club.

Les Amis de Saint-Lunaire

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